Group Classes

We believe the biggest obstacle holding most people back from exercise is feeling out of place at traditional gyms. Our group sessions are designed to cater to all abilities and ages, by creating a safe and supportive environment above all else.

We offer a free strategy session for all people looking to join us to make sure we're the right fit for you. And if we're not, we'll even help you find what you're looking for.

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Disability Support

We noticed that a majority of kids with disabilities missed out on important exercise and social development through the exclusion of team sports. We wanted to create a place where these kids can feel like they're apart of a team while building the essential skills of teamwork, friendship and good health.

We like to book a consult with both the parent and child before signing to make sure we know how we can help you best.

Athlete Classes

The missing link for many sports teams is the ability to exercise in an environment that supports their goals. Our athlete classes place emphasis on injury management and reduction, as well as performance. 


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